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One thing we pride ourselves upon at MUD is giving the customer as much information on the website before you buy a product and then provide you with all the information you need to install that product. That means supplying fitting instructions with every MUD product where we feel it needs it. We’ll even add our own fitting tips to another companies product where we feel instructions are lacking. It’s something our customers compliment us on and often ask us “why don’t other companies don’t do this"...

We’ve all been there. It’s a weekend and you now have the spare time to install that part you’ve just bought. You remove the item from the packaging and assemble the parts on the ground and the one thing that’s missing is any instructions. Not to worry. You know what you’re doing. That Ikea bookcase wasn’t too bad. How hard can it be? Turns out harder than you think.  It’s not long before you realise that you have twice as many bolts as there are bolt holes.  A random selection of different size washers or a handful of bolts that are 10mm longer than others. A random piece of plastic or maybe a brass ‘thing’. I’ve had technical drawings supplied with the product which is useful. Or it would be if it gave some clue as to how it fitted to the car.  Suddenly you have a giant puzzle in front of you that only the person who created that puzzle holds the key to. Unfortunately, it’s the weekend and you’re looking at a pile of random parts in your driveway and it’s just starting to rain.

We fitted an expensive £700 part to a Defender not too long ago that didn’t come with instructions. It took two phone calls and an email to the supplier/manufacturer of said part to work out how to fit it successfully. Extra bolts were supplied but some were only used depending on what model of Defender you had. Same with a lazer cut piece of steel supplied. It was clearly an important component but it turned out not to be needed on our model. Oh, and we needed to drill some extra holes and modify something else with grinder. I mean, c’mon. Give us a clue!

Supplying instructions means you know what you’re doing and you don’t have to call/email us for advice. That piece of paper saves your time and ours. Everyone’s happy.

We also appreciate it’s sometimes useful to be able to view product instructions before you purchase a product to see how difficult an install is, what tools you might need or just to form a plan. That’s why we’ve just created the MUD Portal at the same time as our new website where you can view all of the instructions for MUD products.

If you want further advice on any product, there will still always be a real person here to answer any questions you might have and the benefit of many of our MUD curated products, you’ll be talking to the person who designed that product and has fitted it.

Fitting instructions

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MUD seat rails were the very first MUD product we launched and from that single product offering packed on a kitchen table, MUD has grown into one of the most respected brands within the Land Rover aftermarket industry with users all over the world.  

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