Kev Baldwin

Kev learnt to drive in his dad’s Land Rover SIII and since passing his driving test has never not owned a Land Rover of some form. After a lifetime of suffering behind the wheel of Land Rovers without leg room, 6’5” Kev took it upon himself to do something about it and the very first MUD product were born in the form of MUD Rails. Kev’s creative mind then set to work on creating other products that have gone on to become standard fixture in Land Rover Defenders all over the world.

Kev’s extensive off-road CV includes motorsport, overland travel and trip planning, vehicle rebuilds as well as being a long-time contributor to Land Rover and off-road magazines. A veteran of overland trips all over the world, Kev has driven his own Defender on an off-road route across the North American continent and on the Ice Roads in northern Canada.

Stuart Baldwin

Stuart ran a successful Land Rover & 4x4 repair business for over 25 years. In addition to taking care of local Land Rover owner’s needs, projects that have passed through the Baldwin workshop over the years include Unimog rebuilds, Pinzgauers, Bowler off-road racers, Hot-Rods, the Ken Wheelwright restored DEL Series 1 and the restoration of the only amphibious Land Rover in the world that now forms part of Land Rover’s heritage collection.

When he’s not looking after his award winning vintage tractor collection, Stuart now enjoys his ‘retirement’ role as MUD’s resident technical expert on all things Land Rover.

Fay Garratt

As the general manager of MUD-UK, Fay is the person who makes MUD tick on a day-to-day basis. Fay joined MUD on a part-time basis back in 2010 when we needed someone to help create our very first online shop. She was so good at that job, we told her she couldn’t leave. Ever! We even forgave her devotion to her beloved Manchester United.

Sales, accounts and webmaster are just some of the many hats Fay wears at MUD as well as boasting an extensive knowledge of Land Rover Defender dashboard and interior trim detail that she desperately tries to keep quiet about when she’s out with her friends.

Clare Summers

A part of the MUD team since 2015, Clare is our resident laser etching wizard-ess or as we call her ‘The darling of the Carling’. Clare’s degree in mechanical-engineering included a dissertation on a modified Land Rover rear axle so don’t try and outsmart Clare when it comes to technical knowledge of Land Rover drivetrains! That isn’t a challenge so she respectfully asks you don’t call with questions… Please. You could instead ask her about the time she was trapped down a crevasse in Norway and her subsequent dramatic rescue made the national news. She’s famous. Mainly in Norway.