Team Faff

MUD is proud to be sponsoring the latest Team Faff adventure for 2019.

Sure, lots of people head off on off-road adventures every year in their Land Rovers, but the difference with Team Faff is, they do it in Series Ones…  Hardcore. Noisy. Ridiculous. Gluttons for punishment. But dammed good fun.

These are no off-road holidays masquerading as charity fundraising trips. Team Faff adventures are all about mates having a laugh, ‘occasionally’ breaking down and generally just faffing about in Land Rovers. No door tops, whatever the weather is one Team Faff rule and there’s normally a ridiculously over-ambitious schedule to maintain. How about the North Coast 500 – in a day.An off-road route through Portugal is this year’s destination and Team Faff will be capturing the trip for their YouTube channel using a range of RAM Mount kit donated by MUD.

We wish them well for 2019, but in the meantime, check out their website and YouTube Channel for videos of their previous adventures and be inspired.

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