Marine products come ashore

We’ve been stocking Blue Sea products for a while here at MUD-UK, this year we have expanded our range to become one of the most well stocked and reliable Blue Sea distributors in the UK. We’re pleased to have added the following lines to our core range.

Blue Sea 12v Socket- BS1011B

Charging socket with smart appearance and all the reliability you expect from a Blue Sea product.

Blue Sea Fast Charge USB- BS1045

Charges power hungry devices up to 3x faster than a standard USB charger.

Blue Sea Below Deck Panel- BS4353, BS4356 & BS4357

Each Blue Sea BelowDeck™ panel includes a Carling Technologies 15A circuit breaker switch and are supplied with a pre-wired harness for quick and easy two-wire installation. Connect a power supply and an earth/ground to the two spare terminals on the back of the panel and you’re done! Also available as a pre-wired blank panel.

Blue Sea Mini OLED Temperature Monitor- BS1741

Finally, a reliable temperature display for your Defender. Supplied with probe.

Blue Sea Mini OLED Voltmeter- BS1733

Monitors DC voltage on a bright, waterproof, daylight readable OLED screen, as featured in the BelowDeck panel.

Alongside Blue Sea we have also become Scanstrut stockists. Scanstrut are a trusted name within the International boating community and when they contacted us to ask if we’d like to work with them we jumped at the chance. We’ve started with a small range, but there may be more items to follow in the New Year as their products have proved extremely popular within the Land Rover community.

Scanstrut Cable Seal

The Scanstrut Range of cabling solutions eliminates time-consuming, sub-standard routing of cables and messy sealant. The range provides waterproof cable routing and is produced in high impact plastic, making it ideal for almost every installation. We’re stocking two versions of the cable seal, the DS-H10 for 6-10mm cables, and the DS-H6 for 2-6mm cables.

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