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We’ve been selling Focal speakers for a few years now. Focal are a multi award winning French manufacturer of high-end audio equipment for both the home and the auto industry. We love Focal products because we know we can rely on them to do the job you expect of a quality speaker.  This is particularly true of the spectacular ES100 K2 Power Kit, its so good we were contacted by a customer who told us we really should be selling it. We’re glad we took his advise.

Struggling to decide which focal speaker you should choose, here’s some food for thought…



We added these speakers to our range to solve a problem that kept on coming up. Customers with pre 2002 vehicles looking to upgrade the frankly rubbish Land Rover speakers have very limited space to fit aftermarket speakers due to the wiper motor being located directly behind the left side speaker.  Land Rover use a super shallow speaker, hence the poor sound quality, and when upgrading, most aftermarket units are too deep to fit. We used to advocate relocating the speakers (as LR dealers do) to the headlining, however the Focal AC100 from Focal’s universal range are compatible with our 100mm Speaker Spacers which provides enough clearance to successfully fit the speakers. Problem solved!




The first Focal product we stocked and definitely one of the most popular. This 4” (100mm) speaker selected from Focals ‘expert’ range is ideal for replacing the 4” speakers in the Defender dashboard and/or the rear speaker corner trim panels. The PC100 features an integral crossover and is supplied with grilles. The PC100 will drop into place on most post 2002 Defender models and will fit the factory fitted rear speaker trim panels without the need for any modification. Post 2002 models fitted with air-con will need a speaker spacer when replacing the front speakers.





The Focal PC 130 is a 5.25in (130mm) coaxial speaker upgrade from Focal’s top end ‘Expert’ range of speakers. The PC130 will drop straight into the MUD Rear Speaker Panels and can also be fitted into the factory fitted rear speaker corner trim panels by increasing the speaker opening in the panel. The PC130 features an integral crossover and is supplied with grilles to provide a quick and easy performance upgrade to your standard speaker set-up.


The ES100K Elite will truly transform your Defender sound-system, even with the standard Alpine head unit. The Focal ES100K is a 2 way component kit upgrade from Focal’s Elite ‘K2 Power’ range of speakers. The ES100K will replace the factory-fitted 100mm Speakers within the lower dash and 52mm tweeters on top of the dashboard on the post 2007 (Puma/Tdci) Defender. The ES100K feature crossover units to provide a performance upgrade to your standard speaker set-up, which allows manual balancing between the woofers, tweeters and a subwoofer (if fitted).



Maximise your ES100K with Focals highest quality subwoofer. Compact, practical, powerful and easy to install, the IBUS 2.1 subwoofer offers numerous advantages. It is equipped with a remote control, enabling you to stay in complete control of your system at all times, as well as high-level inputs, allowing you to keep your original head unit. This is Focal’s ideal solution for giving your vehicle flawless sound quality while preserving the original aesthetics of your car interior.


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