Defender ISO Wiring Adapters


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Defender ISO Wiring Adapters



Defender ISO Stereo Wiring Adapter Lead

£6.88 ex VAT

Essential kit when replacing the factory Defender stereo with an aftermarket head unit. The Land Rover Defender stereo wiring adaptor lead connects the Defender's factory wiring loom to the standard ISO style connector fitted to all aftermarket head units. No more cutting and joining of wires. Our leads offer a plug and play solution.

We offer three different types of Land Rover Defender ISO Stereo Wiring Adaptor Lead. You will need to remove the existing head unit to find out which adaptor lead you require. 

We can supply Land Rover Defender ISO Stereo Wiring Adaptor' to suit the head unit sockets described below. Please CHECK to confirm which you require before ordering. The three different types of connection on the back of Land Rovers head units are visually very different. See below.

Select Round Pin Lead

or Flat Pin Lead

Puma/Tdci Defenders

The PUMA ISO Adaptor lead fits later model Defender (2010-on) fitted with the large multiplug connector lead at the back of the dashboard. 

The PUMA ISO Adaptor connects into the vehicle lead with the large multiplug. The other end of the lead connects into any aftermarket head unit fitted with the standard ISO plug connections.