Under Cubby Box Locker Guide

We originally launched the ever popular MUD Cubby Box Lockers back in 2016. Designed out of a need for extra storage and security within the ‘tight for room’ Defender cabin. We discovered during testing the increase in height the MUD lockers provided also creates a better position for your elbow! After the launch of the lockers customers got in touch with other requests for alternative storage solutions for under the cubby box, hence the sub locker and then later the heater locker were born. Check out the guide below to find out which is the most useful locker for your Defender.

MUD Cubby Box Locker

The MUD Cubby-Box Locker provides additional 11-litres of internal storage in within the cabin of the Land Rover Defender.

- Hinging- £96 inc VAT

Hinging Cubby-Box Locker. Ideal for vehicles that have a load space bulkhead behind the front seats. The cubby-box tilts backwards to provide access to the Cubby-Box Locker.

-Sliding- £135 inc VAT

Sliding Cubby-Box Locker. Ideal for Station Wagon and/or Double Cab vehicles. The cubby slides backwards on drawer slides to provide access to the Cubby-Box Locker. The sliding locker uses top quality Accuride sliders to ensure a smooth and rattle free operation

Both lockers come supplied with internal dividers and pre-cut socket holes (blanks are also supplied).

MUD Sub Locker- £85 inc VAT

The MUD Sub-Locker has been designed to provide a convenient and stealthy method of mounting a sub in your Defender. The MUD Sub-Locker fits discreetly under the cubby-box and utilises the standard fixing points for the cubby-box.

The design gives you the option to install the front panel of the MUD Sub-Locker or leave it open to access the adjustable controls on your Sub.

The MUD Sub-Locker has been designed to accommodate almost every ‘compact’ under-seat Sub-Woofer available on the market. Check out the product page for further information and dimensions.

MUD Heater Locker- £90 inc VAT

The MUD Heater locker has been designed to create an easy method of mounting a diesel-powered auxiliary heater into your Land Rover Defender.

The cut-out within the base plate of the MUD Heater Locker has been designed to match the standard footprint of all the common 2kw auxillary diesel heaters, e.g. Eberspächer, Webasto, MV Airo and Planar. The budget priced Chinese 2kw heaters typically found on eBay are all copies of the established brands so they too all use this same standard footprint. 

The slots within the front plate of the MUD Heater Locker provide the air-inlet. The hole in the back plate of the heater locker will accept the range of standard outlet nozzles provided with the common 2kw heater kits that use 60mm diameter pipework. The smaller slot in the rear back plate provides an entry point for routing the wiring loom into the locker.

The majority of 2kw heaters use 60mm diameter pipework but we can supply alternative back plates to accept the 75mm & 90mm nozzles found on higher capacity heaters.

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