Retro fitting electric window switches into the Td5 or Tdci Defender

*This blog post contains hyperlinks to a large variety of part numbers which are relevant to the subject. If a link no longer works it means the part has either been discontinued by Land Rover or MUD-UK Ltd. All prices are correct at time of writing.

*References in this article to the Defender Td5 are referring to the 2002 facelift onwards dashboard.

When re-building, retro fitting or replacing existing factory style switches within your Post 2002 Defender Td5 or Tdci dashboard the electric window switches can be the most expensive switch in the dashboard, especially when you consider you'll need two of them! This blog aims to help identify which alternative switches to use and NOT to use if you are trying to save a bit of cash or cannot locate the genuine Land Rover switches originally used in the Td5 dashboard.

YUF101520LNF and YUF101521LNF

The Defender Td5, Discovery 2 and Freelander 1 were all originally fitted with the same YUF101520LNF switch. This was then updated on later Td5’s to the YUF101521LNF, which is the same switch fitted to the Tdci/Puma dashboard.

YUF101520LNF - Defender 01-06 (V) 2A622424 to (V) 2A626184

YUF101521LNF - Defender 01-06 (V) 2A626185 onwards

YUF101521LNF - Defender 07-15

The YUF101520LNF switch has long been discontinued, however if you can find it on used parts websites such as eBay it is interchangeable with the YUF101521LNF. Both switches were also used in the Discovery, Freelander and Defender. They all use the same White 6 Pin Housing Connector. The White 6 Pin Housing Connector is in itself an expensive item, retailing at £15 ex VAT. If you’re lucky you may be able to find a connector plugged into a second-hand Freelander or Discovery electric window switch mentioned in the next paragraph.

The best way of saving money when trying to locate an electric window switch to fit the Td5/Tdci dashboard is to search things like ‘Freelander 1 switches’ to get a better deal. Anything with a ‘Defender’ label in the product description will always be more expensive! For example you can pick up a late model Classic Range Rover or Discovery Cubby Box Panel as pictured below for a fraction of the price of buying the individual Defender switches. The pair of switches that operate the front electric windows in this panel are YUF101520LNF and will slot straight into the Defender dashboard.

If you cannot find YUF101521LNF or YUF101520LNF then there may be other options available to you, although as detailed below, it’s not so straight forward…


YUF000200PUY, YUF101770PUY & YUF101770LNF

These rear window switches are located in the central cubby box switch panel of the Discovery 1, Discovery 2, Freelander 1 and a small number of late model Classic Range Rovers, easily identified as they use the lesser seen purple 6 pin connector.  The switches look the same as the front window switches (YUF101520LNF) however they are wired differently to the switches mentioned above, check out the wiring diagram further down the page for more info on this. 


Another switch that will fit into the Td5/Tdci dashboard electric window holes is the AMR2496 switch originally fitted to the Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic. This switch looks very similar to the later electric window switch. Note how the recess on the AMR2496 rocker has a different shape. As previously stated, this switch will fit into the Defender dashboard fascia, however it’s worth bearing in mind it is wired differently. It does not fit the regular Defender White 6 Pin Housing connectors, but instead uses six spade terminals on the back of the switch. I’ve played around with this switch and I haven’t successfully managed to get it to work in the same way as the Defender switch (Defender wiring comes straight from ignition, Discovery and Range Rover via the ECU), however that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and make the switch work somehow! If you do manage it, let me know and I will update the blog for future readers (

How to wire Electric window switches

Information kindly supplied by Trevor Cuthbert Land Rover (Northern Ireland).


1- Ground 
2- Fused power source 
3- to Lift Motor 
4- to Lift Motor
5- Not used 5
6- Illumination

YUF101770 (Discovery 2 rear window console switch with purple plug)

1- Ground 
2- Fused power source 
3- to Lift Motor 
4- to Lift Motor
5- Fused power source (connect to 2)
6- Illumination


Electric Window Switch Blanks

If you are fitting a console from scratch and do not have Electric Windows then you’ll need some blank switches to fill the holes in the fascia.

There have been a variety of switch blanks used for the electric window holes in the Defender, Discovery, Range Rover and Freelander fascia’s unfortunately supply from Land Rover can be sporadic on some of these blanks.

FJA10001LNF Discovery 1

YXJ100170 Range Rover 1994-2001 (P38)

XYB100000LNF Freelander 1 (grey)

YXJ100150KML Freelander 1 (heather)

YXB100000LNF Defender Td5

YXJ500010PUY Defender Td5

XYB100000LNF Defender Tdci

If you can't find an electric window blank the easiest and neatest solution to plugging the hole in your dashboard is to simply use the cheapest switch of those mentioned above.

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