MUD hits the road... Trans America Trail 2016

Our background at MUD has always been about using our Land Rovers to do the stuff that Land Rovers were designed to do. We’ve used them for work, we’ve raced them, we've even sailed them and been to some amazing places all over the world in them. MUD products have always been inspired by our own adventures and imagination and hours spent behind the wheel of Land Rovers. People often ask us ‘how do you come up with the ideas for your products?’ It’s easy. We drive Defenders. A lot.

In one week, Kev Baldwin from MUD will be spending a heap of time behind the wheel of our Pop-Top Defender when he hits the road and attempts to be the first Brit 4x4 driver and first Land Rover Defender to drive a coast-to-coast off-road route called the Trans-America-Trail (TAT).

The TAT Trail is approximately 5,200 miles in total. Almost every mile of it is off-road. Estimated duration of the trip will be 6-8 weeks starting at the Atlantic coast in South Carolina and ending at the Pacific in Oregon. The route will cross the Appalachian's, Smokey Mountains and the Ozark's in the Deep South, before heading out across the Oklahoma prairie and then climbing the 13,000 feet trails in the Colorado Rockies. After crossing the Continental Divide, the route continues westwards to the deserts of the south-west and the iconic off-road landscapes of Utah before journeys end within the forests on the Oregon shoreline.

We aren't doing the journey for any charity and won’t be asking anyone for donations. We're doing it because we love Land Rovers and getting out there and doing stuff that only a Land Rover can do.

We'll be documenting Kev's progress on this mammoth trip here on the MUD Blog, as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages. If pictures are more your thing check out our Instagram page which has tons of pictures of the build right through to waving goodbye at Southampton docks.


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MUD hits the road... Trans America Trail 2016

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