Wapusk Trail Part 3

Winnipeg to Gillam. Another early start. The RAM's external temperature gauge is showing minus 20. The guy at the first gas station of the day seems baffled by our choice of destination, as does the lady at our breakfast halt. She asks us 'what are you guys doing on this road?'. The end of the road is our destination at Gillam.

Gillam is literally the end of the road in north east Manitoba. It's that kind of place. Why would you go there?

The traffic thins out and long straight roads means we start to pick up the pace. The trade off being the average fuel consumption of the RAM drops from 17mpg to 13mpg. Gotta love a V8.

It's 7pm when we roll into Gillam. We discover the one gas station in town is shut which scuppers our plan for an early start on the trail. We're carrying another 125 litres of fuel in the truck bed but we really want to conserve that for the trail. We have no option but to wait until the gas station opens at 08:30 in the morning. We also discover there's nowhere to get anything to eat. Dinner is a can of beer and a bedroom picnic. The forecast is showing -35 for tomorrow. At least one thing is certain. The beer is cold... 

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