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We’ve seen a noticeable spike in email traffic from customers recently because they’ve heard that L.E. Perei (now known as Lite Wire) has, or is about to discontinue its range of 95mm LED lamps.

The North American Spec (NAS) Defenders were the first Defenders to be fitted with the larger 95mm diameter round lamps at the factory to comply with American lighting regulations. The Perei LED lamps have traditionally been a popular upgrade for NAS owners since they’re a drop-in replacement for the original bulb lamps.Land Rover used an off-the-shelf ‘truck’ lamp for the NAS Defender which is the same lamp that avid lamp spotters will see in a million other applications from TVR sportcars to coaches and Supermarket delivery vans. As soon as Perei launched an LED version of their venerable 95mm lamp it was inevitable that Land Rover owners would look to upgrade their old-skool bulbs with new cutting-edge lighting tech!As long-term stockists of Perei product, owners have been reaching out to us understandably concerned that they would suddenly be unable to source replacement lamps. The Perei lamp has always been the choice of LED lamp for the discerning Land Rover Defender owner who preferred the stealth LED look of the Perei lamp over the ‘look at me!’ appearance of cheaper, shinier LED lamps. Maybe you’ve already got Perei lamps on your Land Rover or are perhaps looking at upgrading the rear lamps on your Land Rover. This piece aims to set the record straight here with the 2024 changes Perei has made to their LED lamp range and how it affects the MUD customer old and new.

Coloured Lens LE Perei 95mm lamps

Contrary to rumours Perei HAS NOT discontinued its 95mm lamps. It HAS however revised its 95mm COLOURED lens lamp range and made some changes that include improved optics, lower power draw but more significantly, it has reduced the number of LEDs in each lamp from 32 LEDs down to 14.Visually the lens design of the revised lamps differs very subtly from as the ‘old’ lamps so at a glance you wouldn’t necessarily notice any difference in their design.The reduction in the number of LEDs is however more noticeable when lamp is illuminated.At the time of writing we have limited stock of old-style lamps with coloured lenses in Indicator/Turn Signal and Rear Fog but all coloured lens Stop-Tail lamps are now the new 14-LED style lamps. When remaining stocks of these lamps have been sold, they’re gone forever, we will be unable to match up any old-style lamps. 

Clear Lens Perei 95mm lamps

The clear lens Perei LED lamps MUD sells are the same lamps used by Land Rover on its special edition models over the years such as SVX, Fire & Ice and X-Tech etc. The clear lamps were also available as a factory lighting upgrade package on later model Defenders. Twisted uses the clear lens lamps on its builds.Land Rover never installed LED indicators on any of its special edition models so the clear LED indicators have traditionally been a popular upgrade for anyone looking to complement their existing factory fit LED lamps and go 100% LED on the rear of their Defender. ‘Interesting’ Land Rover lighting anorak detail. On the factory installed LEDs, Land Rover swapped the position of the indicators with the reverse and fog lamps so that the clear lens bulb indicator always sits inboard on the rear panel.We were informed by Perei late last year that as part of their 95mm lamp revisions they would be discontinuing all clear lens version of its 95mm lamps in 2024. Following negotiations with Perei, MUD was able to secure a large batch of 95mm clear lens lamps so we can continue to supply clear lens lamps for anyone looking for that OE look or are simply wanting to replace a broken lamp.As part of Perei’s streamlining of its lamp range, Perei no longer manufactures any 95mm lamps with Superseal connectors on them. All factory fit Perei LED lamps used a Superseal connector moulded into the body of the lamp so that effectively means once Land Rover’s stock has gone (does JLR hold any stock of anything any more?!) the OE lamps with Superseal connectors will be obsolete. To install their LED lamps Land Rover made life far more complicated than it had to be by using a short mini-harness to connect between the Superseal connector on the back of the lamp and the standard Econoseal connector on the standard Defender wiring harness.All MUD Perei Lamps use a flylead with the standard Econoseal connector on them. In order to replace a factory LED lamp with a MUD lamp, all you have to do is remove the mini-harness and plug straight into the original Econoseal connector.

MUD Clear lens lamps are the same ‘old style’ 32-LED design so crucially will match up with any existing Special Edition model Defender lamps. They will also replicate the original OE look for anyone wanting to upgrade their Defender rear lamps with an OE appearance rather than resort to the Chinese style rear lamp alternative.The one exception is that all 95mm LED Reverse lamps that Perei manufactures are now the newer 14-LED lamps.  Aesthetically they still maintain their stealthy appearance but they’re not an exact match for the older style lamps. See pics.

Our full range of Perei LED Lamps can be found here.

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