MUD Mini Pod


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Part Number: MUD-0005

MUD Mini Pod


MUD Mini Pod

£29.17 ex VAT

The Mini Mud Pod is another MUD designed solution that solves the problem of how/where to mount extra switches, controls and gauges into the Defender dashboard.

The Recessed facia panel dimensions measure: 195mm x 62mm

The external dimensions of the Mini Mud Pod measures: (w) 228mm x (d) 104mm x (h) 84mm


The dimensions of the recessed panel in the front of the Mini MudPod have been designed to match those within the front face of the Mud Console.

The Mini MudPod is supplied as a blank moulding but can be used for mounting a maximum of three 52mm gauges or up to a maximum of seven Carling Technologies switches using interlocking mounts.


The Mud Pod mounts using our own unique MUD designed mounting plate. The Mud Pod can be installed without the need for any holes to be drilled into the dash. A major benefit of our MUD mounting plate is that you can easily transfer the MudPod between vehicles without damaging the dashboard or leaving unsightly screw holes.

The Mud Pod mounting frame utilises the opening in the Defender dash normally filled by the ashtray. This aperture provides enough room to route the wiring for extra switches and controls to the Mud Pod.

MUD Pod and  MUD Mini Pod Size Comparison

 Each MUD Mini Pod blank moulding comes supplied with mounting base plate, all fixings and fitting instructions.