Defender 'Unbreakable' Wing Mirror


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Unbreakable Wing Mirror sold as individuals.

Defender 'Unbreakable' Wing Mirror


Defender Unbreakable Door Mirror

£20.83 ex VAT 

The Defender Unbreakable Door Mirror uses a strong and flexible construction that combines a polypropylene casing with a polycarbonate lens to create a super tough mirror head capable of withstanding the hardest of blows.That's why this is the same mirror head the MoD specifies for its WOLF Defender!

The Unbreakable Mirror Head will replace the standard mirror head used on all 90/110/130 Defender models.

The larger lens area of the Unbreakable Defender Mirror provides a greater field of vision.

Replacement is straightforward. The Defender Unbreakable Mirror uses a clamp fixing that attaches to the ball on the standard mirror head. An Allen key is provided with each mirror.

Mirror dimensions 210mm x 145mm.

Pictured below next to a standard Defender mirror for size comparison.

The unbreakable mirror head is NOT compatible with our heated mirror kits.