Focal ES100K Speakers & Tweeter Kit


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ES100K Elite K2 Power Series

Focal ES100K Speakers & Tweeter Kit


Focal ES100K Elite K2 Power Component Kit

Focal is a multi award winning French manufacturer of high-end audio equipment for both the home and the auto industry.

MUD is proud to offer you a select range of Focal speakers suitable for upgrading the standard speaker set-up in your Land Rover Defender. The ES100K Elite will truly transform your Defender sound-system, even with the standard Alpine head unit.

Focal ES100K -Elite K2 PowerThe Focal ES100K is a 2 way component kit upgrade from Focal’s Elite ‘K2 Power’ range of speakers. The ES100K will replace the factory-fitted 100mm Speakers within the lower dash and 52mm tweeters on top of the dashboard on the post 2007 (Puma/Tdci) Defender.

Focal ES100K -Elite K2 Power- Woofer        Focal ES100K -Elite K2 Power- Tweeter

The ES100K feature crossover units to provide a performance upgrade to your standard speaker set-up, which allows manual balancing between the woofers, tweeters and a subwoofer (if fitted). The Crossover unit can be concealed behind the dashboard trim or simply attached to the lower part of the dashboard as pictured above left. Wiring the crossover is easy following the supplied wiring instructions included with the Focal kit.

Focal ES100K Crossover Unit

Focal recommend the ES100K are used in conjunction with an amplifier to really maximise the sound quality. We offer the Focal IBUS 2.1 Subwoofer with built in amplifier, which fits neatly within the MUD Sub Locker underneath the Defender Cubby Box. 

Focal IBUS 2.1 Subwoofer with built in Amp          MUD Sub Locker

The ES100K tweeters are 0.5mm narrower in diameter than the factory tweeters. When fitting to the Tdci Defender this can be easily remedied by simply applying a couple of ‘winds’ of electrical tape to the base of the tweeter until the tweeters are a snug fit within the factory holes. See fitting instructions tab at the top of the page.

Focal ES100K -Elite K2 Power- Tweeter

The ES100K will drop into place on all post 2007 Tdci Defender models. The ES100K is also fully compatible with Td5 models, tweeter pods are supplied with the kit if you don't wish to fit the tweeters 'into' the dashboard.