MUD Seat Rails


Part Number: MUD-0001

MUD Seat Rails


MUD Seat Rails

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A simple solution to a thirty year old problem. Discover extra legroom and extra comfort in just 10-minutes!


Designed to fit underneath your existing seat frames, MUD Rail's offer up to four inches of extra rearward travel on the drivers and passenger seats greatly improving the comfort, seating position and legroom in any Land Rover Defender.

Ideal for owners of the latest model Defenders where space in the front seats is at even more of a premium. The perfect solution for taller drivers and Td5 models fitted with air conditioning where the air-con unit takes up valuable space within the passenger footwell.

Contrary to popular belief, the removal of the loadspace bulkhead on the latest model Defender Station Wagon's does not improve legroom. We regularly supply Land Rover franchise dealers with MUD Rails to address this regular customer complaint. It's actually the limited range of movement available on the standard Defender seat runners that restricts the amount of legroom.

By raising the level of the seat rails by just 30mm and shifting the seats positioning further back, MUD Rails utilise the extra space available behind the seats and guarantee to improve the front seat legroom and comfort of any Land Rover Defender.

Owners of the latest 'Puma' engined Defender will have quickly discovered the new dashboard design has actually made things worse for taller drivers and front seat passengers. To cure that kneecaps resting on the dash problem, we can supply MUD Rails to fit the current range of Defender.
The pictures below illustrate the difference between the standard Station Wagon drivers seat in its rearmost position and in a MUD Rail equipped Defender.


Mud Seat Rails have been fitted to literary thousands of vehicles across the world. Here's just two if them...

Bering Straight Crossing 

Cranford Testing

MUD Rails have been tested according to NHTSA 571.207 standard 207, the established industry test for car, MPV and truck seats, their attachment assemblies and their installation. MUD commissioned the test procedure to be carried out by the Cranfield Impact Centre (CIM Ltd), one of the worlds leading crash test facilities. CIM clients includes car manufacturers, F1 and WRC teams. In tests, while the Land Rover seat frame deformed, the MUD Rails displayed no deformation whatsoever even when the forces applied were 20-times greater than the industry standard pass-rate.


From our technician: “Colin, come and look at these, absolutely bl**dy brilliant, fitted in minutes, all bits supplied, even an Allen key!” He’s 6ft 6in and all legs!  Says it all.  We shall certainly be recommending these.

And from a 'satisfied' American customer...

Those seat rails are the "shizzle!" At 6'5' I know you were miserable. Dude, they ought to make a bust of you and put you in the Rover hall of fame. Maybe just a casting of one leg and your ass in a rover seat with a seat rail. Here's an idea!! Run for parliament...Go Kev, Go!!!!”

Bob Hantiger

Will they fit my Defender?
MUD Rails are available to fit all ages of  90, 110, 130, SW, Double Cab and NAS Defenders with bolt-down seat frames.

As a rule, only the earliest model Defenders (pre 1986) and military spec vehicles will have the screw-down frames installed.

However, owners of older models should always check before ordering since it's common to find older vehicles have often had the rust prone seat box replaced with a later model seatbox. Each kit includes new button headed fasteners for improved looks and a quality finish. Quick and easy 10-minute DIY fitting with full instructions. Fitting requires no holes to be drilled or any modifications to be carried out to the interior of your vehicle which means your MUD Rails can be easily swapped from one vehicle to another.

I have the Premium Seat upgrade in my Defender. Will the MUD Seat Rails still fit my vehicle? Yes. The only difference to the fitting procedure is that the Premium Seats use a stud fixing fitted with a nut rather than a bolt on the rearmost fastener next to the cubby box on each seat. Check the fitting instructions tab at the top of the page for further detail.

One question we're regularly asked is, "will the rails make a huge difference in my Defender 'Van' if I have the standard full height bulkhead behind the seats?". The honest answer is 'no'. Fitting the rails alone will create a small amount of extra room, since raising the seat a small amount moves the contact area where the back of the seat touches the bulkhead. However, if you're looking to maximise legroom and improve comfort we recommend you use the MUD rails in conjunction with the Bulkhead Removal Bar.

Another popular question is: "I have a truck-cab, will the Rails make a difference?"
Again, the honest answer is 'no'. The Rails will fit, however seat travel in a truck-cab is further restricted by the back of the truck-cab overhanging the bulkhead. MUD Rails will make no noticeable improvement to legroom in truck-cab vehicles.

Legroom okay but just need the extra height? No problem. MUD Rails have also caught the imagination of  those drivers who don't necessarily need the extra legroom but who just prefer to sit a little taller in the saddle. 'Larger' drivers will also welcome the extra breathing space behind the wheel!

MUD Rails were the original MUD product and since their launch have now found homes in tens of thousands of delighted Land Rover owners all over the world. We regularly receive calls from satisfied customers after fitment just to say 'what a fantastic idea!' Designed and thought up by someone who measures 6' 5", you have our word that MUD Rails work!