MUD Defender Window Blinds


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MUD Defender Window Blinds



MUD Defender Window Blinds 

A range of window blinds for your Defender made in the UK, exclusively for MUD-UK.

When we couldn’t find a set of off-the-shelf window blinds for our own Defender Pop-Top camper, we had a set made-to-measure. Recognising a gap in the market, this prompted us to create our own range of tailor-made window blinds for the Land Rover Defender aimed specifically at the camper/expedition conversion.

MUD Defender Window Blinds are available to buy as individual window ‘sets’ to accommodate the many different window set-ups found within the Defender model range. This means you only buy what you need for your vehicle.

A. Windscreen                                                                                                                                    B. Front Door Windows (pair)

MUD Windscreen Blind         MUD Defender Window Blind

C. 2nd Row Windows (pair)                                                                                                 D. Station Wagon Side Windows (pair)

MUD Defender Window Blind         MUD Defender Window Blind

E. Alpine Windows (pair)                                                                                                                 F. Rear Quarter Windows (pair)

MUD Defender Window Blind           MUD Defender Window Blind

G1. Rear Window WITHOUT Brake Cut Out                                                             G2. Rear Window WITH Brake Light Cut Out

MUD Defender Window Blind          MUD Defender Window Blind

All of the blinds are manufactured in the UK using a heavy-duty 7oz quilted material that is both waterproof  & fire-retardant. Every blind is finished off with a contrast quilted stitching and bound edges. 

The grey colour has been chosen to compliment the interior trim on the Defender and to provide a lighter, airier feel to the interior when the blinds are in place. A handy feature of the windscreen blind is its elasticated loops which allow the blinds to be rolled up to save space when not in use.

MUD Defender Window Blind

Magnets stitched into the seams of the window blinds ‘stick’ the blinds of the steel door frames for quick and easy removal.

MUD Defender Window Blind

The windshield blind is supplied with suckers but can be held in place with the sun-visors folded down. Windshield, rear Station Wagon side windows, quarter light and alpine (roof) windows are supplied with traditional sucker fixings. 

MUD Defender Window Blind

"I'm not sure which blinds I need for my vehicle?"

We offer 8 different varieties of window blind. We've labelled all the blinds alphabetically, see the picture below to see how to identify the blinds you require.

"Why don’t the MUD Window Blinds use a layer of reflective ‘foil’ like the motorhome blinds I've seen?"

Firstly, rigid foil panels eat up a lot of space in a Land Rover. Secondly, experience has shown we only ever used our blinds at night to screen the windows to provide a level of privacy. On extended stays on campsites we’d actually remove the blinds during the day to provide more light to the interior. The nature of the ‘overland’ Land Rover ‘camper’, means unlike the traditional motorhome tourer, a typical stay is normally one/two nights in one spot before moving on thus negating the thermal advantages of a reflective foil blind. Furthermore, a Land Rover ‘camper’ is typically a pop top roof with fabric sides with opening vents so it’s easier to regulate the internal temperature in a Land Rover camper than a hardsided/steel roof van based motorhome.