Blue Sea Dual USB Socket


Dual USB socket including rectangular plate.

Blue Sea Dual USB Socket


Blue Sea Dual USB Socket

£15 ex VAT

The Dual USB Socket creates additional USB charging functionality with a pair of USB sockets.

A flip-up rubber cap protects the Dual USB Socket when not in use. The Dual USB socket has been designed for marine applications therefore the internals are made of corrosion resistant materials.

The Blue Sea Charger Socket also comes with a rectangular mount to add ease of fitment when you can't access the rear of the plug. It also offers an alternative surface mount finish.

The Dual USB Socket accepts a 9v-32v input feed, making it suitable for both 12v and 24v applications. The Dual Socket is easily wired using a pair of standard 6.3mm male spade terminals on the rear of the socket. All you’ll require is a live supply feed and an earth/ground. We recommend a fused (2amp) power supply. 

The 5v/2.1amp output rating makes it ideal for keeping the latest generation of iPhone/iPads charged on the move.

The Dual USB socket can be purchased as a socket only for panel mounting. Hole size required is 28mm. The Dual USB socket is suitable for mounting in any of the MUD range of accessories that accept a power socket, e.g. Tunnel Tray, Cubby Box Switch Panel etc