Blue Sea 12v Socket


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Marine Grade 12v Socket

Blue Sea 12v Socket


Blue Sea 12v Round Socket

£5.83 ex VAT

As we pack our vehicles with an increasing amount of electrically powered equipment on our travels we have created a demand for a number of additional power supplies that a solitary dash mounted 12-volt socket is unable to fulfil.


Black plastic housing contains non-corrosive nickel plated copper alloy internals making these sockets suitable for automotive or marine use. These sockets feature a vibration proof, virtually failsafe locking action able to cope with the harshest of off-road environments. Ideal for fridges, GPS or any other 12v plug-in equipment that you need to rely on to stay powered up.


We believe our range of 12-volt sockets are the finest quality power sockets on the market. The MUD heavy-duty sockets will fit the standard Land Rover dashboard, your MUD Console, Pod, Tunnel Tray or anywhere inside of your vehicle. .

The Blue Sea 12v Charger Socket comes with a rectangular fasica plate mount to add ease of fitment when you can't access the rear of the plug to install the threaded locking ring. It also offers an alternative surface mount finish.

* UV stabilised splash proof rubber plugs keeps out moisture, dust and dirt.

* Standard sized 6.3mm spade terminals for quick and easy wiring.

* Requires a 28.5mm diameter mounting hole.

* Terminals are labelled for simple to follow wiring.

* Rated at 15amps.

* Will accept any standard sized 12v power plugs, eg: SatNav, Mobile, GPS etc.