Defender Stainless Steel Bolt Kit


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A2 Stainless Steel Bolt Kit available for 3 and 5 door Defenders.

Defender Stainless Steel Bolt Kit



Defender Stainless Steel Bolt Kit

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A high quality stainless-steel bolt kit for Defender 90, 110 & 130 models by Nakatanenga. This German kit is in our opinion the best quality and most comprehensive replacement bolt kit on the market for your Defender.

All Nakatanenga stainless-steel bolt kits are supplied as a three or five door kit and feature M8 Torx headed door bolts especially made for Nakatanenga that feature the exact same countersink taper and domed head profile as that used by Land Rover. Cheaper bolt kits will normally contain off-the-shelf countersunk socket headed bolts that bind on the bolt holes of the hinges. Please note these are M8 fasteners. Land Rover fitted M8 fasteners from the Td5 models (1998) onwards.

All of the bolt locations included within the kits are separately packaged and labelled to aid fitting. A neat touch is the assembly paste that is included with all kits.

Fits Tdi, Td5 & Tdci models (2.2 & 2.4)

Each kit contains stainless-steel bolts to replace the standard Land Rover fixings in the following locations.

*Side door hinges

*Rear door hinges

*Rear bodytub mounts

*Front grille fixings


*Bonnet hinges

*Headlamp surrounds & wing top trims

*Door sills (inside) and A pillar corner trim

*Rear door sill strip

*Rear crossmember seatbelt bracket corner bolts

*2 x bonnet buffer screws

*10 sachets of brake and fitting lubricant (anti-seize paste)

Nakatanenga kits are only available to fit station wagon models. We do not sell part-kits.

Because of the variation in Defender model fixings over the years, you may find you have a surplus of some of the fixings included with the kit when installation is complete.