Stinger Roadkill Expert Sound Insulation


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Amazing sound proofing for your Defender

Stinger Roadkill Expert Sound Insulation



Stinger Roadkill Expert

£100 ex VAT

Price is for one bulk pack that will cover 3.4m² (36sq-ft)

Stinger Roadkill is an established sound insulation brand in the US. It may not have the kudos of other more expensive brands here in Europe but you’ll get the same level of performance without the cost of its more high-profile competitors. You’ll be surprised at the weight contained within one box of nine sheets!

Stinger Roadkill Expert will reduce interior noise levels whilst improving stereo quality and insulation. All things that the Land Rover Defender owner will appreciate!

Because the product is supplied in smaller sheets this makes it easier to handle and apply. Unlike cheaper foam insulation materials, Stinger Roadkill is not affected by moisture, therefore the one Stinger Roadkill product is suitable for all locations within your Defender including the floorspace.


Stinger Roadkill can be easily cut with a Stanley knife and the flexible material is perfectly suited to being shaped to fit around the corners, rivet heads and ribs typically found within the Defender interior. There’s no need to warm the surface nor is there any special preparation requirement. To apply you simply peel off the backing from the sheet and stick into place. 


MUD supplies a free applicator roller with all Stinger Roadkill Expert orders to help you create an effective bond between the Stinger Roadkill and the surface it’s being applied to. Please note that we strongly recommend using gloves when applying Stinger Roadkill to protect your fingers from the sharp edges of the aluminium foil layer.

Stinger Roadkill is supplied in bulk packs containing nine individual sheets.

Each sheet measures 81cm x 46cm (18" x 32")

The RKX36B bulk pack contains enough material to cover 3.4m² (36sq-ft)


How much Stinger Roadkill do I need?

To calculate how much Stinger Roadkill Expert you will need to calculate area. Width x Length = Area²

For Example Defender Roofspace is calculated below.

 Land Rover Defender 90: (Length) 2.10m x (Width) 1.65m = 3.46m²

Land Rover Defender 110: (Length) 4.45m² 2.70m x (Width) 1.65m = 4.45m²

*Remember each pack contains enough material to cover 3.4m².


Why Choose Stinger Roadkill Expert?

Which is better? Dynamat or Stinger Roadkill? There are pages of discussions on the internet discussing the merits of both products. and you could spend hours reading all of the opinions. What everyone agrees is Stinger Roadkill is a product that works with the general concencus being, Stinger Roadkill Expert offers the same level of performance of Dynamat at a fraction of the cost. MUD doesn't sell anything that doesn't work!


Expert RoadKill Published Specifications
Minimum Thickness 0.080in
Minimum Weight 0.65bs/ft2


Dynamat Xtreme Published Specifications
Minimum Thickness 0.067in
Minimum Weight 0.45bs/ft2