Scanstrut ROKK Charge Waterproof USB


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Part Number: SC-USB-02

Scanstrut ROKK Charge Waterproof USB



ROKK Charge Dual Waterproof USB Socket  

£35 ex VAT     

A high-end marine grade solution for external USB charging requirements.


The Scanstrut ROKK Charger is an IPX6 rated dual USB charger that utilises ‘Smart Charge Technology’ to charge two devices simultaneously up to three times faster than a standard USB charger.

Scanstrut ROKK Charge Waterpoof USB (SC-USB-02)

Flipping open the sealed lid of the ROKK charger reveals two standard USB ‘A’ sockets. Plug in either one or two USB devices and snap the lid shut to create a watertight and dustproof seal around the charging cable.

Scanstrut ROKK Charge Waterpoof USB (SC-USB-02)

All internal metal components are 316-grade stainless-steel for durability, whilst the tough outer plastic shell is resistant to UV.

Ideal for powering those power-hungry devices, e.g. GoPro whilst on the move or for simply providing handy external USB charging points on an expedition vehicle at camp.

Input power 12/24v

Output: 5v, 2 x 2.1A = 4.2A total

Rating: IPX6 waterproof.