MUD Bulkhead Removal Bar


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MUD Bulkhead Removal Bar


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Brilliant Review by Sulisuli
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Brilliant in one word. What a transformation not only with regard to seat adjustment but visually as well. Great kit with excellent fitting instructions. (Posted on 12/11/2016)
Thank you Review by Ian N
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They have completely transformed the driving experience. That's not just comfort, but drivability too. I read the hype on your website and kind of believed some of it, assuming that most of it was exaggerated, but I was wrong; if anything you've undersold these products and the way they work together. As well as an improvement in driver experience, you might find it of interest to know that my wife had her second new hip recently (only three weeks ago) and now finds our Defender more comfortable to be in than our BMW! When she had her first hip done - before I fitted the seat risers and bulkhead kit - she couldn't even get in!

I really can't speak too highly of the kits and you guys. Thank you!
(Posted on 08/08/2016)
Excellent quality and great value piece of kit. Review by Paulo
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First impressions are great, opening the box you find a really well packed set of components and clear instructions. The finish is exceptional, only minor point was a bit of power-coat overspray in the M8 holes meant I needed to run a tap down them to make the bolt rundown smooth. It's a simple modification, easy for any competent home mechanic to carry out and get a perfect finish. Note that where the instructions say you'll get aluminium filings everywhere...they aren't kidding, especially if you use a jigsaw to cut the bulkhead!!
The result is a strong bulkhead that gives you more room and a finish that looks like it came out of the on! (Posted on 09/04/2016)
This has transformed my driving position and comfort thanks Review by steve
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I bought my hard top 90 last Sunday and instantly had to do something about this impossible driving position.
I searched the net and found several different devices but I liked MUDs the best as you only need to remove half the bulkhead and with the least amount of damage.
It has taken me about 3 hours to complete but possible to do a lot quicker but I only had a jigsaw and hacksaw I would highly suggest using a reciprocating saw as this would allow you to get closer to the bulkhead and cut around the bend also buy some good quality drill bits as MUDs bar is very strong.
I removed the passenger seat and Cubby box.
This bar has transformed my driving position and highly recommend it.
Great bit of kit and looks good thanks.
(Posted on 16/01/2016)
Mud Great Service & Great Products Review by Mike H
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I recently was looking to fit a Bulkhead removal Bar. I had been looking at the Mud Product for a few weeks and did my homework prior to buying. I have to say the pre sales support and advice is simply one others should rise to. Kevin and his team are helpful, supportive, just stunning. I looked at the fitting instructions really good and step by step. Suffice to say I carefully removed all items and prepped Defender taking my time. The result is as others say looks like factory finish brilliant product well made quality parts. I ran car up the road I have also the seat rails and Defender drives and feels so much better. I cannot recommend this product enough and also Mud Stuff UK -Thank you - :-)) (Posted on 15/07/2014)
Superb, a quality product! Review by FEU DE FER
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Re. My Mud Seat Rails - within 20 minutes of arriving they were installed with ease.
Provision of all required parts, plus clear, concise instructions - it was a breeze!
The difference in my driving position is immense & I no longer dread those long hauls up to the Mountainous Lands!
There are those who do have the ability to fabricate their own. However, as I am an ordinary Bloke, I am very appreciative of these.
Downside? Well, I have to get the GF a set for her side now - wonder if she'll pay for them.........

(Posted on 21/03/2014)
Overal a super and qualitatif product well worth its money Review by Cyberwolf
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First of all super fast delivery, had mine in 2 days and I live in Belgium so that was pretty quick.
Then for the bulkhead removal bar, the bar itself is of a better quality then the original bulkhead bar from land rover so that it will be more then enough to support the bodywork of the car.
The installation was simple, just take your time and remove the seats in the front for easier working.
When finished it looks like it's original from factory.
I had mine installed also with the the mud seat rails and the difference is enormous I even had to slide the seat more to the front since I couldn't reach my pedals anymore and for being 1.84m thats a shock.
Overal a super and qualitatif product well worth its money (Posted on 01/12/2013)

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