RAM Tough Track


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Composite tracking in various lengths.

RAM Tough Track



RAM Tough Track

Using the RAM Tough Track mounting system is a clean, clever and innovative way to mount multiple devices for virtually any application. The RAM Tough-Track takes this innovation to the next level by offering a centre access point for your track components and multiple track lengths to accommodate your desired mounting surface.

RAM Tough Track

Whether you’re mounting to your Land Rover, 4x4, ATV, truck or boat, the RAM Tough-Track will create a flexible system for mounting any mobile device.

Compatible with a variety of RAM mounting components, customizing your universal track system to accommodate your specific needs is easy.

The RAM Tough Track screws into place on any flat surface (4.8mm/10gauge) screws not supplied), and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

The RAM Tough Track bases simply drop into the track in the centre opening and slide along the track to your preferred position. To secure the base within the track you simply twist the base until tight which locks the base into position. The base is then ready to accept the standard range of RAM arms. Multiple bases can be used within a single length of RAM Tough Track and the bases can be quickly removed when your devices are not in use.

RAM Tough Track

RAM Tough Track is available in four different lengths. The Tough Track will fit to any flat surface but we’ve highlighted some useful locations where the respective lengths will fit on the Land Rover Defender dashboard.

7” (178mm) Fits within the dashboard tray on top of the 2007-1016 ‘Puma’ dashboard.

10.75” (274mm) Fits Puma passenger dashboard panel (Glovebox lid)

14.5” (369mm) Fits the Pre 2007 Defender dashboard top

18.5” (470mm) Fits the Pre 2007 Defender dashboard top

* Width 1.77" (450mm)

Pre 2007 Vehicles (Td5, 300Tdi and 200Tdi)

18.5" fitted to a 300Tdi    14.5" fitted to a 300Tdi

10.75" fitted to a 300Tdi    7" tough track fitted to MUD Console

Post 2007 Vehicles (Puma/Tdci)

10.75" fitted to Tdci    10.75" and 7" fitted to Tdci

Use the RAM Track Ball™ with T-Bolt Attachment to combine with any RAM 1" or 1.5" Ball product. 


High-strength glass filled nylon construction

No sharp edges

Access point in center of the track; no side access needed

Drill down horizontally or vertically to any flat surface

Compatible with RAM B and C Size balls, Post/Spline and Flex Rod components

Lifetime Warranty

Made in U.S.A.

Metric Conversions

7" = 177.8mm

10.75" = 273.05mm

14.5" = 368.3mm

18.5" = 469.9mm