RAM Base with 9mm Hole and 1" Ball


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RAM Base with 9mm hole

RAM Base with 9mm Hole and 1" Ball


RAM Base with 9mm Hole and 1" Ball


The RAM-B-272 marine grade aluminium base consists of a 1" diameter ball and base with a 9mm fixing hole. Pictured below with a RAM X-Grip Smart Phone Holder with 1" Ball and RAM 1" Short Arm.


This part is often used on motorcycles for attaching to the mirror frame but the 9mm fixing hole means it can be utilised all over your vehicle to fix a RAM 1in (B) ball mount that avoids the need to drill any holes into your dashboard. 

In the examples below you can see how the RAM B-272 ball creates a discreet base mount for your RAM system utilising existing fixings within the Land Rover Defender. Paired with a RAM Medium Arm and X-Grip Smart Phone Holder.

NOTE: If fitting to the Tdci centre facia, as pictured bottom left and right, you will need to use a longer screw than the existing one.

RAM-B-272U   RAM-B-272U

RAM-B-272U   RAM-B-272U

Pictured below attached to the steering wheel column of a Land Rover Series I. Again combined with a RAM Medium Arm and X-Grip Smart Phone Holder.


Specs & Features

Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum 

Ball Size:
1" Rubber Ball "B" Size 

0.1 lbs.