Puma Glovebox


Glovebox to fit post 2007 Defenders using the existing dashboard lid.

Puma Glovebox


Puma Glovebox

£41.67 ex VAT

by Mobile Storage Systems

Superbly practical addition to any Post 2007 (2.4 & 2.2) Land Rover Defender. This kit creates a useful storage 'glovebox' within the Puma model dashboard within minutes. All fixings are supplied.

The Puma Glovebox kit comprises a steel hinge panel that attaches to the original dashboard lid and a lower steel panel that attaches to the area above the grab-handle to create a concealed storage tray.

Subtle detail improvements over other Puma glovebox kits on the market include a full width piano hinge.

Compare the MUD glovebox hinge with the weld-on farm gate hinge alternative below. The MUD Puma Glovebox uses a textured satin black powdercoat to mimic the factory dashboard plastic finish.


Other Puma glovebox hinges leave the top of the glovebox lid stood proud of the dashboard. Note how this glovebox retains a flush factory finish to the dashboard. The install utilises the original passenger dashboard panel.


Check out the video below to see the fitting process including some extra fitting tips