RAM Puma Mount


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MUD Puma Mount for 1" or 1.5" RAM Components.

RAM Puma Mount



RAM Puma/Tdci Mount

Now available with a 1" or 1.5" RAM Rubber Ball the RAM Puma Mount by MUD allows you to create a RAM mounting system for your electronic device without having to screw into your dashboard or use windscreen ‘suction’ mounts.

The RAM Puma Mount consists of a custom machined threaded steel adaptor and a RAM ‘Tough Ball’  and will replace either of the grab-handle fixing screws in 2007 onwards Defender models.

The RAM Puma mount replaces either of the two fixing screws that hold the passenger grab handle in place on all 2.2/2/4Tci (Puma) model Defenders to create a conveniently located 1" or 1.5" RAM mounting ball. Pictured below with a RAM Short Metal Arm (not included).

When not in use, the RAM Puma Mount presents a discreet and unobtrusive appearance that blends into the dashboard.

 Pictured above and below with a RAM Short Metal Arm and a RAM Apple iPad holder

When mounting heavier devices such as iPads and 10in tablets we recommend using the 1.5in ball for increased stability.