RAM Flex Mount


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RAM Flex Mount


POD I Mount With Round Base 1" Ball 

The RAM-316-1-202, universal RAM-POD I Flex Mount, consists of a RAM 1” diameter ball and socket system, connected to an 18" long aluminium rigid but flexible rod. The 1” base component supplied consists of a 2.5" diameter round plate with universal AMPS hole pattern. Pictured below with a Tab-Tite Holder to fit a 10" Tablet (RAM-HOL-TAB8).

POD Mount with Tab-Tite Tablet Holder

This mount is suitable for full size tablets with cases up to 2kgs. For larger laptops we would recommend up-sizing the RAM ball diameter. We can supply these by special order. Please contact us for details.

The design of the RAM POD I mounting makes it ideal for use in the Land Rover Defender as it picks up on the factory front seat fixings without the need to drill any holes in the vehicle. The RAM POD I is fully compatible with MUD Seat Rails.

Land Rover Defender with RAM 1" Flex Mount

The Flex mount base locates underneath the Defender seat. It will work with or without MUD Seat Rails. The flexible aluminium stalk is clamped securely in place using a pinch-bolt. The base can be left in place when you don’t require your accessory mount (as pictured below).


The flexible aluminium stalk can easily be positioned so that the mount does not impede on passenger legroom.

For extreme off-road conditions we can also supply an additional stabiliser support (RAM-B-PODS-KT Stabilizer kit) but in our opinion, for normal use you do not require the stabiliser kit.

Stabilizer kit