RAM Large Tough Claw


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RAP-B-401U (1" Ball)
RAP-401U (1.5" Ball)

RAM Large Tough Claw



Large Tough-Claw™

The RAM Tough-Claw™ is the perfect mounting base for quick and easy tool-less installation and removal on round, square, odd shaped rails and bars.


The Tough-Claw™ can be clamped on rails from 26mm to 57mm outer diameter. Ideal for mounting tablets, GoPro cameras, smartphones and much more in a wide variety of applications making it another essential RAM® component in your collection of RAM® mounting options. Pictured below with the RAM X-Grip Tablet Holder and the RAM Standard Arm.


The Large RAM® Tough-Claw™ can also be used for clamping to the dashboard grab handle in ‘Puma’ Defender models however we normally recommend using the Medium version of the RAM® Tough-Claw because of its smaller physical dimensions.

The clamping range of the Large RAM® Tough-Claw™ makes it ideal for clamping to a roll cage or bull bar, making it especially useful when using it in conjunction with a GoPro camera.

We offer the RAM Large Tough Claw for both 1" and 1.5" applications. The 1” Ball is ideal for lighter applications such as smart phones, phablets and sat-navs. Use the 1” double socket arms to connect between all 1” ball RAM bases and RAM accessories. 


We recommend the 1.5” Ball for heavier applications such as 10in tablets, iPads and laptops. We offer a range of 1.5” arms and mounts for heavy-duty mounting solutions which are fully compatible with our existing range of tablet holders.  



1. High strength glass filled nylon construction with corrosion resistant stainless steel hardware

2. Rubber pads provide stable, even gripping and protection of mounting surface

3. Clamp jaw is configured for round, flat and odd shapes

4. Quick installation and removal of Tough-Claw™

5. Lifetime Warranty!

6. Made in U.S.A.



High Strength Composite and Stainless Steel Hardware