LED Brake Light


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LED Brake Light



Nakatanenga LED Brake Light

£78.83 ex VAT

The Nakatanenga LED Brake Light replaces the factory fit high-level brake light fitted to all post 2002 Defenders.

The replacement unit provides a simple plug and play fitment for quick and easy installation.

This is not merely a replacement LED bulb. The Nakatanenga LED brake light is supplied as a replacement moulded housing containing an E-Marked LED unit that is available in three different colour options.

Clear Lens

Red Lens

Smoked Lens

All units illuminate red.

FAQ: I don’t have the factory fitted high level brake light. Can I fit this product to my Defender?

The Nakatanenga LED Brake Light is designed as a plug & play replacement LED lamp unit for the factory fit 'bulb' lamp, rather than a retro-fit upgrade for Defenders with no high-level brake light. In order to install the LED lamp you would need a rear window glass with the M6 studs that are bonded to the glass on models fitted with the high level brake light. If you don't have a glass with studs fitted you would therefore need to replicate the factory stud mounts in order to fit this product as well as source the factory fitted bulb holder used on Defenders equipped with the high-level brake light.