Defender Rear Door Gas Strut Post 2002


New improved 'soft stop' gas strut for post 2002 Defenders

Defender Rear Door Gas Strut Post 2002


Defender Rear Door 'Soft Stop' Gas Strut (post 2002)

£70.83 ex VAT

Gas assisted ram action makes the rear door opening easier as well as preventing the door from inadvertently swinging shut. The Defender Rear Door Gas Strut offers a greater level of practicality and safety when parked on an incline, whilst loading or whenever your Defender is stationary with the door open. 

Our new German designed gas-strut improves on the design of previous models with the introduction of a soft-stop gas strut that slows the rate of travel as it reaches the end of its stroke.

The soft-stop function minimises the risk of damage to both the gas strut and to the door that can occur when a conventional gas strut reaches the end of its travel, especially when you’ve let go of the door. This feature makes the rear door safer to operate and easier to use.

Other upgrades to the new gas strut kit include ball joint fittings on the gas strut.

A new one piece design of rear door bracket manufactured from stainless-steel

A new heavy-duty replacement bodytub bracket manufactured from stainless-steel.

The gas-strut kit is supplied complete fixings and full colour fitting instructions.

Will the Rear Door Gas Strut fit my vehicle?

The V2 gas strut fits all 2002 on Defender models fitted with the all steel rear door. If in doubt you can identify the all-steel door by its rigid plastic door trim and the smaller 250mm grab handle.