MUD Piggy Back Wiring Loom


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Plug & Play Wiring Loom.

MUD Piggy Back Wiring Loom


MUD Piggy-Back Wiring Loom

£12.50 ex VAT

The MUD Piggy-Back Wiring Loom provides a plug & play solution when you need to supply a separate power feed to additional vehicle lighting in your Land Rover Defender.

The MUD Piggy-Back Wiring Loom uses the same sealed connectors as those used by Land Rover on the Defender vehicle lamps from 1993 making it suitable for fitting to the majority of Land Rover Defenders. 

Simply plug one end of the MUD Piggy-Back Wiring Loom into the back of your lamp and the other end into the original lamp connector on the wiring loom. The positive and negative flyleads can now be used as the supply feed and earth connection for whatever it is you need to provide power to. 

The flyleads on MUD Piggy-Back Wiring Loom are supplied without the terminals fitted to allow you to easily route the wires through a rubber grommet if necessary. To compliment the sealed plug and socket of the main loom we provide male and female 2-pin connectors to add a professional finish to your installation.

The 2-pin shell connectors are supplied with the compatible male and female crimp terminals. The terminals simply 'click' into the body of the shell connectors.

Use the MUD Piggy-Back Wiring Loom for...

*Providing the sidelight feed to Daytime Running Lights (DRL)

*Providing a sidelight feed into aftermarket LED headlamps. Suitable for Nolden, Trucklite, Speaker LED Headlamps.

*Connecting to loading module/resistors on LED indicator/turn signal installs

*Connect into a reverse lamp to provide a feed for additional rear work lighting