MUD Classic Defender Console


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Available in two options.
Fits Defenders 1983 to 1998

MUD Classic Defender Console



MUD Classic Console

£25.00 ex VAT

Equivalent to Land Rover part number AWR2277LOY

MUD has recreated the original Defender radio console/tray (AWR2277LOY) for those Land Rover owners looking to retain a classic factory-fitted appearance to their radio installation.

The MUD Classic Console comes in the same granite grey finish as the Defender dashboard but we’ve incorporated a couple of design tweaks over the original.

We offer the MUD Classic Console in two variants.

The standard Defender Classic Console accepts a standard DIN sized radio mounting cage to fit any aftermarket single DIN head unit. The Classic Console creates a neat way to install any DIN sized CB/HAM radio into the Defender.

We can now also offer a world first! A Carling Switch Mount to fit any DIN Sized holed, this creates a neat bank of 6 switches to drop into your Classic Console. Carling switches are available with a variety of different rockers, all of our Carling range are compatible with the MUD Carling DIN Mount, we even offer a Carling Compatible USB socket. Pictured below with the Carling Contura V Switches  and the Carling Rotary Switches.

Carling DIN Mount- Carling Contura V           Carling DIN Mount- Carling Rotary Switches

We also offer the Classic Console in a blank variant without the DIN aperture for anyone looking to create their own set-up for adding extra gauges, switches, controls into the dashboard of their vehicle. A ‘blank’ version of the radio housing was also used in some North American Specification models (NAS90) models.

The cut-out in the base has been enlarged to provide more breathing space for routing the wiring.

The design incorporates a hole for the head unit locating peg. The console is supplied with a centralised pilot-hole that the user can enlarge to suit their locating peg diameter.

The MUD Classic Console is supplied with a pair of factory style fir-tree fasteners that go into the back of the dashboard. The front of the console is supported by inserting it under the front leading edge of the dashboard top rail as per the original Land Rover dashboard tray.

The MUD Classic Console is manufactured from a stronger/thicker ABS material than the flimsy Land Rover original and crucially, the MUD Classic Console is significantly cheaper than Land Rover’s £70+ asking price for AWR2277LOY!

Fits all Defenders from 1983 thru 1998



How many Carling switches can I fit into the blank Classic Console?

A total of seven Carling switches can be fitted using the interlocking mounts. (2 x Ends & 5 x Centres)

How many Gauges can I fit into the classic Console?

You could fit up to up to maximum of three industry standard 52mm diameter gauges into the console.

What space is available for mounting accessories into the Classic Console?

The blank area of the fascia measures 198mm x 70mm. Maximum depth available: 165mm