Defender Locking Fuel Cap


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Genuine Parts Fuel Cap.

Defender Locking Fuel Cap


Land Rover Defender Fuel Filler/Gas Cap Upgrade

£27.66 ex VAT


No more lost gas caps or watching your filler cap roll off the fuel pump and under your vehicle!

The MUD fuel filler cap upgrade replaces your old filler cap with is the same Genuine Parts filler cap as that used on the 2.2 Defender model. It makes a neat upgrade for owners of all earlier model Defenders fitted with the threaded style screw-on gas cap. E.g. Td5 & 2.4 'Puma' Defender as well as the NAS V8 trucks fitted with the same style gas cap.


The advantage of the later model Defender gas cap is the addition of a flexible rubber tether/lanyard that means you can never leave your gas-cap behind on the fuel pump ever again.

The end of the rubber tether/lanyard is fitted with a plastic rivet fastener.

To fit the rivet simply drill a 6.5mm hole in the filler aperture.

Push the rivet fixing into the hole until it snaps into place.


We like stealth upgrades and this is a great one that retains a factory appearance. Each locking gas-cap is supplied with two keys.

 Important Note

Please read!

The Defender Gas Cap Upgrade WILL NOT fit earlier model Defenders fitted with the large filler cap.

It will only fit later models (1998 onwards & NAS trucks) fitted with the smaller threaded style screw-on filler cap.

If you would prefer the convenience of no locking function on your gas cap we also offer a non-locking gas-cap