Cubby Ashtray/Coin Holder


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Ashtray/ Coin holder to fit into the cup holder on a Defender cubby box.

Cubby Ashtray/Coin Holder


Ashtray/Coin Holder

£22.50 ex VAT

This Ashtray/Coin Holder is a little known Genuine Land Rover option for the Defender. Even if you don't smoke it provides a handy storage bin for coins and similar small items.

The Defender Ashtray/Coin Holder is designed to fit into the cup holders within the Defender cubby box. Land Rover uses a Ford Ashtray which require an insert to create a snug fit within the Cubby Box cup holder. The insert is supplied with all Ashtray/Coin Holders.

The insert slots directly into the cup holder on the Land Rover cubby box.


The Ashtray/Coin holder then slots into the insert to provide a rattle proof fitment.

 The Ashtray/Coin Holder will also fit into the MUD Tunnel Tray

Another advantage of the insert is it that reduces the size of the Cubby Box cup holder and prevents smaller diameter cups and bottles from moving within the Defender Cubby Box.

 The Ashtray will snugly fit cup holders measuring 66mm at their widest point.