GMB Recovery Eyes


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Pair of towing eyes to fit all Defenders & Series vehicles.

GMB Recovery Eyes


GMB Recovery Eyes

£95.83 VAT

Top quality German designed and manufactured alternative to the traditional Series recovery loop for mounting to the Defender front bumper.Sold in pairs and including fixings these Recovery Eyes are galvinised with a powder coat finish.

The neat towing eye bolts on top of the Defender bumper using the existing bumper bolts. Two new holes will need to be drilled into the bumper for each Recovery Eye. Two new M10 Countersunk fixings are supplied with each Recovery Eye.

A spreader plate is also including with each eye, the spreader plate is threaded to ease installation.

A neat feature of the MUD Recovery Eyes is that they will fit all Defenders fitted with air conditioning without the need to modify the front grille as is normally the case with traditional Series style bumper mounted recovery eyes.

Our Recovery Eyes offer a discreet and high-quality solution to a front recovery point on your Defender. Unlike chassis mounted 'Jate' rings that inevitably get buried and jammed, the bumper mounted Recovery Eye offers a far more convenient recovery point whilst at the same time avoiding the need to resort to ugly industrial looking alternatives.


width:       89 mm 
long:    106 mm
height:        53 mm

Galvanized steel and powder coated