GMB Jerry Can Holder

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Locking and Non Locking Jerry Can Holder

GMB Jerry Can Holder

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GMB Jerry Can Holder

The GMB-Mount Jerry Can holder is available in two different forms. Each GMB Jerry-Can holder is based around a stainless-steel external frame that follows the profile of the classic NATO Jerry-Can. The frames are laser-cut and folded from a single piece of stainless-steel. This completely eliminates the risk of welds breaking and guarantees a rust-free finish for years to come.

GMB Locking Jerry Can Holders

GMB-Mount Locking Jerry Can Holder

GMB Mount’s Locking Jerry-Can holder re-invents the classic Jerry Can holder with a clever design that incorporates an integral locking strap mechanism can be opened and closed quickly while managing to be rattle-free.

GMB Jerry Can Holder

The sliding strap design means the retaining strap always remains attached to the holder ensuring there are no loose pieces, straps, ratchets to remove or unfasten to lose or leave behind.

GMB Jerry Can Holder

The GMB Locking Jerry Can holder allows the retention strap to be locked in place whether a Jerry Can is contained within the bracket or not. The GMB Jerry can holder can be attached to any flat surface using the fixing holes within the external frame.

GMB Kanisterhalter II

GMB-Mount Non-Locking Jerry Can Holder

We also offer the Jerry Can bracket in its basic external frame form without the integral locking mechanism. The basic frame will accept any NATO sized Jerry Can and can be bolted to any flat surface using the fixing holes within the external frame. Additional slots within the external frame allow you to secure the jerry-can to the holder with any 25mm webbing strap.

GMB Kanisterhalter Klassic

Cargo/Airline Track Adaptor Kit

If you have cargo/airline tracking attached to side of your vehicle, we offer a fixing kit that allows you to attach any of the GMB-Mount Jerry Can holders to your tracking.  

GMB Jerry Can Holder fitted to Cargo Track.

The cargo-track fixing kit consists of two stainless-steel adaptor brackets and 4 x M8 airline track fixings

GMB Airline Adapter             

Fix the tracking to the same side of the vehicle as your fuel filler and you need never have to remove the Jerry-Can to refill your tank if you use a Siphon Style ‘pump’.

GMB Jerry Can Holder

We offer a range of cargo tracking if you are 'starting from scratch'. We recommend the Slimline Track for fitting the GMB Jerry Can Adapters. The narrower profile of the Slimline Tracking makes it ideal for mounting above and below the Defender Station Wagon Windows. We recommend using Rivnuts to secure the tracking to the side of a Defender hardtop.