Heated Seat Switch- Genuine Style Tdci


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Part Number: YUF500150LNF .

Heated Seat Switch- Genuine Style Tdci


Genuine Heated Seat Switch Assembly

Genuine OE Land Rover Defender Heated Mirror switch for installing into the Defender dashboard from 2007 onwards. Switch supplied with a keyed multiplug connector and five latching terminals for use within the connector housing.

YUF500150LNF- Heated Seat switch assemblyThese switches will fit into the smaller rectangular apertures on all Td5 & Tdci models. They will not replace the larger electric window switches, hazard warning switch or the square heated seat switches in the Td5 model. See product spec for more information.

Defender Genuine Switch      Defender Genuine Switch

Td5 Owners Please Note:

This switch is not a direct replacement for the heated seat switch that sits directly below the window controls in a Defender Td5. You can however use these switches if you plan to relocate your heated seat switches to the top row of the console or if you can re-use the rocker (legend) from your factory switch. For more information on how to replace the factory Td5 switch click on the picture below.

Switches are 12v, 10amps latching off/on. All switches feature orange ‘on’ LED illumination and dashboard illumination to match the original Defender switches.