Carling Contura XIV Complete Switch

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Carling Contura XIV Complete Switch

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  Carling Contura XIV Switch

Universal switches will switch in both EU & US Style

US Style-switch 'top' to turn on

EU Style-switch 'bottom' to turn on

 Carling Contura XIV Switch

Window- Glows green with side light illumination.

Bar- Illuminates orange when switched on.

Choose the correct function and rocker from the dropdown box at the top of the page. 

Switch can be wired as 'switch top' to turn on (US Style), or 'switch bottom' to turn on (EU Style).

Note: Off-mom switches can only be wired one way, please select EU,US or Universal (either EU or US) when selecting switches.

Wired with standard 6.3mm male spade terminals on rear of switches.

Switches are supplied with wiring diagrams.

All Contura XIV switches are rated at 20amps

Red Rocker also available for Hazard switches

Carling Technologies Switches are a popular range of durable and reliable switch body as used as OE equipment throughout the world by vehicle manufacturers such as Volvo, DAF, Renault, JCB and Massey Ferguson. MUD offers the Carling Contura II, V, XIV switches together with a range of dedicated Carling switch mounts and accessories.

Looking for something different? Check out our new expanded range of Carling Switches, including Carling Contura V and Carling Contura II.

Which Switch Do I need?

Off-On One-way switch to simply switch on and off, e.g. Spotlamps

Off-Mom Momentary switch which can be used as either a fog switch on the later Defender, or simply as a horn function. See Wiring Diagram.

On-On Single Pole ON-ON switch for 2-way operation of accessories with their own switched facility.

Off-On-On Three position switch allowing you to wire two auxiliary circuits through one switch. Typical application would be for controlling two pairs of spotlamps or two electric fans via the one switch. Click switch once to activate circuit one; click again to activate circuits one and two.

On-Off-On This alternative three position switch allows you to wire two auxiliary circuits through the one switch. This switch operates where circuits one or two are activated completely independently from one another.This switch will replace the standard switch supplied with the popular Exmoor Trim/Waeco heated seat kits

Mom-Off-Mom Momentary spring loaded 2-way rocker switch. Use the DP switch wiring when using the momentary switch as an electric window control. Use the SP switch wiring when using the momentary switch as a winch control.

Hazard- Exclusive to MUD-UK, operates in a similar fashion to the off-on to activate indicators and dashboard warning lamp.

RWW- This three position switch operates as an Off-On-Mom, allowing both Wiper and Wash function.