Carling 6 Gang Mount


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Carling Contura II Switch Mount.

Carling 6 Gang Mount


Carling 6 Gang Mount

£5.96 ex VAT

Our range of genuine Carling Switch accessories provide a professional looking finish to any switch installation.

Use the gang mounts to install multiple switches within a single mounting frame. Switches simply snap into place within the gang mount. Single mounts provide a matching 'framed' finish to individual switch installations.

 The main advantage of using gang mounts is that you only have to cut one hole in a panel rather than try to horizontally align several individual holes when installing a row of multiple switches.


Does the Carling 6 Gang Mount drop into a DIN sized hole? 

Unfortunately not. However we are pleased to be able to offer a world first! The MUD Carling DIN Mount, will fit into a DIN sized hole and accomodate 6 Carling switches. Click the picture below for further information.

 MUD Carling DIN Sized Switch Mount