Phoenix Gold Subwoofer-10" Speaker


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Phoenix Gold Subwoofer- Z10150

Phoenix Gold Subwoofer-10" Speaker


The Phoenix Gold Z10150 Active Bass Enclosure ‘sub’ with a 10in speaker capable of handling 300w (peak)/150 watts (RMS) of power and features an ‘auto-on’ function. This unit features a larger bass driver than the 8in version of the same product for those people who prefer a bass heavy sound.

Phoenix Gold Z10150- 10" Speaker Subwoofer

The Phoenix Gold Z10150 Subwoofer is supplied with a remote subwoofer level control and fixing kit.

Phoenix Gold Z10150- 10" Speaker Subwoofer

We also include a 3m long RCA harness for connecting the sub to your head-unit.

  RCA Adaptor

The Phoenix Gold Subwoofer also fits neatly inside the MUD Sub Locker Box which is designed to locate your 'sub' underneath your cubby box locker, which is not only a handy space saver but keeps the subwoofer in the front of the cab for easy adjustment (Sub Locker Box sold seperately).


10"closed flat 300W subwoofer

Variable LPF crossover

Variable Low and Subsonic crossover

Variable bass boost (0-18dB)

Variable phase (0-180 degrees)

Auto Power On: ON/OFF

RCA low level input

Remote subwoofer level control included

Dimensions H = 68 mm x W = 250 mm x L = 354 mm

Includes cable kit

Phoenix Gold Z10150- 10" Speaker Subwoofer

Phoenix Gold Z10150- 10" Speaker Subwoofer

We also stock the Phoenix Gold Z8150 as a cheaper alternative with a smaller 8" Speaker. The two units have identical external dimensions.

Phoenix Gold Subwoofers- Z8150 & Z10150

Frequently Asked Questions

What wiring will I need to do? 

Any sub will need connecting to a live and an earth. The RCA harness will need routing from the sub to the head unit. We recommend routing wires under the transmission tunnel matting/carpet and up behind the dashboard.


Will the RCA harness connect into my head unit?

The sub-out feed can be identified by a pair of circular RCA sockets (coloured Red & White) on the back of your head unit. The Alpine head units on all post 07 model Defenders have the sub-out RCA sockets.