MUD Sub Locker Box


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Part Number: MUD-0037

MUD Sub Locker Box


MUD Sub Locker

£70.83 (Box Only) ex VAT

A sub-woofer is a great way to fill your Defender with sound. It will improve upon the standard Land Rover speaker set-up and further enhance any upgraded sound system.

The MUD Sub-Locker has been designed to provide a convenient and stealthy method of mounting a sub in your Defender. The MUD Sub-Locker fits discreetly under the cubby-box and utilises the standard fixing points for the cubby-box. The increase in height the MUD-Sub Locker provides also creates a better position for your elbow!


The MUD Sub-Locker is supplied with a fixing kit and a 3m long RCA harness for connecting the sub to your head-unit.

The design gives you the option to install the front panel of the MUD Sub-Locker or leave it open to access the adjustable controls on your Sub.

The MUD Sub-Locker has been designed to accommodate almost every ‘compact’ under-seat Sub-Woofer available on the market. See internal dimensions in the product specification tab at the top of the page.

To complement the MUD Sub-Locker, we offer a range of subwoofers. The Phoenix Gold Z8150 Active Bass Enclosure ‘sub’ with an 8in speaker capable of handling 300w (peak)/150 watts (RMS) of power and features an ‘auto-on’ function and a remote bass control.

From our elite range we also offer the Focal IBUS 2.1 with a built in amplifier. Click on the image below for more information.

Focal IBUS 2.1 Subwoofer with Amplifier

Frequently Asked Questions

What wiring will I need to do?

Any sub will need connecting to a live and an earth. The RCA harness will need routing from the sub to the head unit. We recommend routing wires under the transmission tunnel matting/carpet and up behind the dashboard.

Will the RCA harness connect into my head unit?

The sub-out feed can be identified by a pair of circular RCA sockets (coloured Red & White) on the back of your head unit. The Alpine head units on all post 07 model Defenders have the sub-out RCA sockets.

I have an aftermarket cubby-box. Will the MUD Sub-Locker fit my cubby-box?

The MUD Sub-Locker is pre-drilled for the factory cubby-box fixings. It may be necessary to re-drill new fixing holes for some aftermarket cubby-boxes.