JVC Double DIN Multimedia System KW-M745DBT


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Part Number: KW-M745DBT 

JVC Double DIN Multimedia System KW-M745DBT


JVC Apple Car Play/ Android Auto, Navigation & DAB Multimedia System

Music, Maps & Connectivity with Android Auto & Apple Play.

If you’re thinking of installing a Double DIN head unit into your Land Rover, then the new JVC KW-M745DBT takes the hard work out of the tricky process of selecting a Double DIN head unit that you know is going to fit!

Puma Double DIN Dashboard fitted with JVC KW-M745DBT

Although Double DIN is an ‘industry standard’ size, our own experience has taught us that there is a subtle variation in sizes between brands. This variation, although small, is the thing that can make installing a Double DIN head unit into the popular Puma Double DIN conversion panels and our own MUD Defender Console a frustrating experience and ultimately, will affect how good the finished installation looks. Selecting the right unit will save yourself a lot of time, effort and headaches!

KW-M745DBT          KW-M745DBT

The varying fascia dimensions between brands can result in ugly gaps around the edges of the Double DIN opening or worse still require you to start filing away at the opening in your new panel for the unit to sit snugly within it. The external fascia frame dimensions of the JVC KW-M745DBT make it a perfect fit for the popular Puma Double DIN upgrade panels.


Once you’ve installed the JVC KW-M745DBT you’ll find it comes packed with all the features that you’d expect from a top-quality head unit including DAB, video and rear camera inputs as well as Car-Play screen mirroring with Apple and Android devices with full touch screen functionality.

JVC KW-M745DBT          JVC KW-M745DBT

JVC KW-M745DBT          JVC KW-M745DBT

We are now stockists of the fully compatible JVC Reverse Camera KV-CM30. Click the link below for more information and a fitting guide.


JVC are adding compatible apps all the time. Current apps include Maps, Spotify, WhatsApp, Waze and most recently Deezer.

The mechless design (no CD player) of the JVC KW-M745DBT means the hi-spec unit comes packaged within a super-slim chassis design. The massive benefit of the shallow 75mm chassis depth is that it overcomes one of the biggest headaches when installing a Double DIN unit; namely the lack of available room at the back of the Defender dashboard.

If you’ve ever removed a standard Single DIN unit from the Defender dashboard you’ll know that space is extremely tight for the wiring behind the head unit. The shallow depth of the JVC KW-M745DBT frees up a large chunk of extra space behind the head unit to greatly reduce the risk of trapping any wiring and make fitting/removal a pain-free process.

JVC KW-M745DBT          JVC KW-M745DBT

On full depth (160mm) Double DIN units, clearance under the clock in the Puma Defender becomes an issue as well as contact with the dashboard support bracket at the back of the Puma bulkhead. The JVC KW-M745DBT overcomes both of these hassles.

JVC KW-M745DBT clearing the Tdci Clock

To the rear of the JVC KW-M745DBT all the input wires are easily labelled to make installation as simple as possible. Note on some subwoofers (including our range of Phoenix Gold Subs) you will require a phono splitter to link your RCA output to the single output jack. We supply this cable free of charge to make installation even easier.

JVC KW-M745DBTTo get the full benefit of the JVC KW-M745DBT you'll need to upgrade your exisitng radio antenna to a DAB compatible antenna. 

Note that not all audio head units and DAB Antenna use the same Antenna connections.  The JVC Multimedia Unit uses a  SMB-Push Fit DAB Antenna connection that won’t fit the alternative SMA-Screw Fit connector found on some DAB antennas. If your antenna isn't fitted with the SMB connector we can supply a DAB adaptor harness to convert the screw-fit DAB Antenna fitting to the JVC DAB fitting.


KW-M745DBT fitted to a Tdci/Puma Double DIN fascia          KW-M745DBT fitted to a MUD Defender Console

You could spend hours on the internet looking for dimension specifications or advice on internet forums, or you could just buy the JVC KW-M745DBT and know that it will fit…