MUD NAS Soft-Top Rear Speaker Panels


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Part Number: MUD-0071

MUD NAS Soft-Top Rear Speaker Panels



MUD North American Spec Soft Top Rear Speaker Panels

£125 ex VAT per pair

Replaces Land Rover Part Numbers AWR1550LNF and AWR1551LNF

MUD NAS 90 Rear Speaker Panels

The North American Specification (NAS) Defender 90 Soft-Top models were fitted with a unique design of rear speaker housing, not seen in any other Defender. The original Land Rover parts were of a fragile construction and unsurprisingly, with the oldest NAS90 models now 25-years old, many of those original speaker housings are now badly damaged or missing altogether.

NAS Defender 90

The original panels are no longer available to buy from Land Rover so we created our own NAS90 speaker housings that replicate the original panels as closely as possible to ensure an OEM appearance. This is especially important when the escalating values of NAS90 models demands originality.

MUD 90 NAS Rear Speaker Panels

We’ve also improved upon the Land Rover design with the use of a better material and an improved fit over the original Land Rover parts.

MUD 90 NAS Rear Speaker Panels

The apertures within the housing will accept a 5.25in/130mm speaker and include the slots for the rear ‘jump-seat’ seatbelt trim/insert (MWC5764). The trims will also accept a 165mm/6.5in speaker as pictured.

MUD 90 NAS Rear Speaker Panels

We can also supply the NAS speaker housings as a blank moulding without the speaker aperture and seat-belt slots.

Defender NAS Speaker Panels

Please note, we only supply panels that are shaped for the RH rear fuel filler found on NAS90 and Td5 model onwards.


Will these speaker trims fit my non NAS90 Land Rover?

They will fit other 90 and 110 models but please note; the RH trim is shaped to accommodate the rear fuel filler not found on pre Td5 models. We offer an alternative speaker trim for non-NAS90 models here.

Will these speaker trims fit my ‘Puma’ Station Wagon?

No. The ‘stepped’ profile of the Puma SW rear bodytub/wheelarches means they will not fit.

Can I fit 6x9in speakers into the NAS trims?

No. The raised circular area on the moulding means a 6x9in speaker will not fit. You can however increase the size of speaker to a 160mm/6.5in diameter speaker.

What about the speaker depth?

The shallowest depth from the front face of the trim to the rear panel (nearest the door opening) is 135mm.