MUD Cubby Box Tray


Part Number: MUD-0035

MUD Cubby Box Tray


MUD Cubby Box Tray

£20.83 ex VAT

The MUD Cubby Box Tray fits into the top of any factory fit cubby box to provide a convenient storage place for those oddments that traditionally get lost in the bottom of the cubby box.

MUD Cubby Tray Tidy

No more rummaging around for items in the darker recesses of the cubby box. Keep your phone, keys etc easily to hand.

MUD Cubby Tidier

Drops into the place in the cubby box opening. Quick and easy to remove.

Supplied with soft touch inserts and hinge spacer.

Each compartment measures 200mm (length) x 105mm (width) x55mm (depth)


MUD Cubby Tidy

Fits OE factory fit Cubby Box. See pic for dimensions.

Will the MUD Cubby Tray fit my Aftermarket Cubby Box?

The Cubby Tray was designed to fit an OEM Cubby Box as such we would advise you check the dimensions below to confirm whether the tray will fit your aftermarket cubby box.

Will the MUD Cubby Tray fit if I have a subwoofer mounted to my Cubby Box?

If you have a Subwoofer mounted to your cubby box we would advise you check the drilling points within the cubby box to make sure the depth of the tray will fit. The overall depth of the tray is 60mm.

MUD Cubby Tray Dimensions