MUD Cubby Box Bin


Part Number- MUD-0019

MUD Cubby Box Bin


MUD Cubby Box Bin

£23.33 ex VAT

 The MUD Cubby Box Bin is a simple but effective way of creating extra storage space in the cabin of your Defender.

The MUD Cubby Box Bin simply fixes to the rear face of your cubby box with the supplied screws to create an easy access storage bin for both front and rear seat occupants.

The MUD Cubby Box Bin has been designed to fit the OE fitment Defender Cubby Box but will also fit to aftermarket brands of cubby box.


When fitted to Station Wagon Defender models the MUD Cubby Box Bin has minimal impact on rear passenger seat legroom.

The profile of the MUD Cubby Box Bin has been designed to fit all hardtop Defender models with either the MUD Bulkhead Removal Bar or the full height load space bulkhead.

The MUD Cubby Box Bin provides a handy location for storing maps, CDs,  guidebooks, A4 documents, magazines, clipboards, 2-litre bottles. The Cubby Box Bin will also accomodate a small wire net for even more storage.

Whether you use your Defender for work or pleasure we guarantee your MUD Cubby Box Bin will never be empty!

Cubby Box Bin Dimensions