Defender XL Wing Mirror


Defender Mirror Upgrade- 1x Wing Mirror 

Defender XL Wing Mirror


Defender XL Wing Mirror 

£11.25 ex VAT (per Wing Mirror)

The Defender XL Mirror Head replaces the standard mirror head used on all 90/110/130 Defender models.

The increase in glass area of the XL Mirror combined with the convex glass profile creates a greater field of vision to the side of the vehicle.

The surface area of the XL Defender Mirror Head measures 245 x 140 (mm) compared with the standard mirror glass area of 198 x 124 (mm).

Replacement is straightforward. The Defender XL door mirror uses the same clamp fixing at the standard mirror head.

The Defender XL mirror head is compatible with our heated mirror kits.

In the event of an accident we can also offer a replacement XL glass.