MUD Defender Roof Console


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Black-Part Number- MUD-DRC-B

Grey-Part Number- MUD-DRC-G

MUD Defender Roof Console



MUD Defender Roof Console

£132.50 ex VAT

The MUD Defender Roof Console offers a unique storage solution for the Land Rover Defender in providing additional overhead roof storage as well as a Single DIN provision in one unit. The MUD Defender Roof Console fits all Defenders except sunroof equipped models. The fixing method does not require removal or cutting of the headlining or sun visors.

The MUD Defender Roof Console comes in three individually designed pieces to make the most of the overhead space. The centre section has been designed to hold any DIN sized application aswell as relocating the original interior light. With the two side sections designed to hold anything from maps to sunglasses.


Now available in Black to match the latest XS model rooflining

MUD Roof Console- Black

The MUD Defender Roof Console is supplied with a DIN blanking panel but the central binnacle will fit any DIN sized accessory such as the DIN Pocket pictured below. Whilst the two storage pockets are large enough to store maps, documents and magazines.

We can now also offer a world first! A Carling Switch Mount to fit any DIN Sized holed, pictured below with Carling Contura II Switches and Carling V Switch Rockers.

MUD Carling DIN Sized Switch Mount

The central binnacle will also accept a Single DIN sized accessory such as a Stereo, CB/HAM radio or even a digital Tachograph. 

There is no standard depth for a DIN unit therefore you may have to cut into the headlining in order to create the depth behind the roof console fascia for your DIN head unit. Please check depth of DIN sized unit before purchase. We recommend fitting the slimest unit possible.

When installing a CB radio we recommend using the TTI TCB900 unit. This compact DIN sized CB unit is currently the shallowest CB head unit on the market and will require no cutting of the headlining in order to install it within the Defender Roof-Console. You can purchase the TTI TCB900 from our friends at

To create a product where the fit and finish was vital, MUD-UK teamed up with a design team who work with the UK car and aerospace manufacturing industries. Using the latest CAD software, the moulding is finished off using CNC machinery to ensure an OE level fit and finish to the product.


 Will the MUD Defender Roof Console fit my vehicle?

The MUD Defender Roof Console has been designed to fit all post 1983 Defender models without a sunroof and with a factory headlining.

If you have a non factory headlining it is unlikely it will fit without modification of the headling (please see the dimensions provided below).

If you have a Series vehicle, again it is unlikely it will fit without modification.

Will the MUD Defender Roof Console fit a Truck Cab?

Yes and No!

The Roof Console was not desinged to fit a truck cab, but it can be made to fit. The two major differences are pictured below.

1. The centre fastening point does not have a rib to fasten into, you can either leave the centre hole blank or fasten into the headlining.

2. The curvature of the roof console does not match the curvature of the headlining in a truck cab, please see picture below.


The MUD Defender Roof Console is supplied with all fixings, interior lamp extension loom and full fitting instructions  

The MUD Defender Roof Console is a Registered Design (4029350)