Carling Rear Wash Wipe Switch Body- EU Style


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Carling Contura switch body only.

Carling Rear Wash Wipe Switch Body- EU Style


Carling Rear Wash Wipe Switch Body

£12.08 ex VAT

EU Style- switch bottom to switch 'on'

RWW Switch Body Only

Our exclusive Off/On/Mom switch replaces the standard rotary action rear wash wipe switch in the Defender. The internal switch wiring is configured so that it retains the wiper park function when the switch is turned off. Switch is supplied with a RWW legend on rocker. Please note the narrow 'on' orange LED does not illuminate when switch is 'on.'  We have retained the narrow bar for aesthetics so that the RWW switch matches your existing Carling install. The square window with legend illuminates Green with sidelights.

Window- Glows green with side light illumination.

Bar- Does not illuminate.

Wired with standard 6.3mm male spade terminals on rear of switches.

Switches are supplied with wiring diagrams.

All Contura II switches are rated at 20amps

Push bottom of switch rocker to turn on.

NB: If you have purchased switches from MUD-UK prior to May 2016 you will have the US Style 'top' to turn on switches.

Carling Technologies Switches are a popular range of durable and reliable switch body as used as OE equipment throughout the world by vehicle manufacturers such as Volvo, DAF, Renault, JCB and Massey Ferguson. MUD offers the Carling Contura II switches together with a range of dedicated Carling switch mounts and accessories.