Blue Sea BelowDeck™ Panel


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BS4353- 15A Circuit Breaker, 12v Socket & Dual USB Charger
BS4356- 15A Circuit Breaker, 12v Socket, Dual USB Charger & Mini OLED Voltmeter
BS4357- 15A Circuit Breaker, Two Wire Harness, Blank Blue Sea Panel.

Blue Sea BelowDeck™ Panel



Blue Sea BelowDeck™ Panel

Blue Sea’s easy to install BelowDeck™ panels provide a comprehensive charging solution especially for the camper/expedition builder. The Polycarbonate/ABS panel face is UV-stabilized, flame retardant, and will not corrode. Do not confuse these panels with similar unbranded panels typically found on eBay. Blue Sea is one of the most respected names within the marine industry and its components can be found on million dollar marine craft across the globe.


Each Blue Sea BelowDeck™ panel includes a Carling Technologies 15A circuit breaker switch and are supplied with a pre-wired harness for quick and easy two-wire installation. Connect a power supply and an earth/ground to the two spare terminals on the back of the panel and you’re done! The Illuminated Carling Technologies 15A circuit-breaker switch provides at-a-glance on/off indication and allows the ability to shut-off power to the panel preventing parasitic draw from LEDs and accessories using the sockets.


We also offer the BelowDeck™ panel with integral Blue Sea voltage meter (also available to purchase seperately). Ideal when you want to monitor your primary or secondary battery. The OLED green display provides a bright, waterproof, daylight readable OLED screen easily viewable from any angle.

Blue Sea 4356

Now also available as a fully customisable blank panel, retaining the Carling Technologies circuit breaker and supplied with a simple two wire harness.

Blue Sea 4357- Below Deck Panel

USB sockets provide 5v/2.1A output compatible with the latest iPad/iPhone etc.

12v sockets are rated at 15A.

BelowDeck™ Panels are 12vDC only.

All Panels are supplied with a custom harness for simple two-wire installation

BelowDeck Panel Wiring Harness