9 RAM Mounts you didn't know existed

RAM Mounting Systems are acknowledged as the world’s leading vehicle mounting systems providing an infinite range of mounting possibilities for all of your on-board accessories. Aside from their range of popular phone and tablet holder offerings, there’s an infinite variety of mix and match RAM products some of which are easy to overlook. Here’s a list of some of our own RAM favourites that we think offer some great vehicle mounting solutions.

Ram Stubby Cup Holder Base (RAP-B-299-4)















A useful temporary mount for anyone who doesn’t want to install a permanent mount in their vehicle. Simply drop the Ram Stubby Cup Holder Base into your vehicle cup holder to create a mount for your phone, iPad etc.  The flexible rubber fins attached to base of the Ram-A-Can conform to most vehicle cup holders. Also included is hardware to attach a RAM Diamond base to the cup holder base.

Compatible with any vehicle cup holder with an inside diameter range of 2.57" to 3.5".
















RAM Puma Mount














A RAM Mount we created ourselves to provide a neat and unobtrusive mounting within all post 2007 Defender (Puma) models. Replaces one of the passenger grab handle screws with either a 1in (B) or 1.5in (C) sized ball for a quick and easy install. Ideal as a mount for tablet for expedition navigation.












RAM Magnetic Mount- RAP-B-202-339U (1" Ball)  or RAP-202-339U (1.5" Ball)














Our newest RAM product. The magnetic base has a multitude of uses. Use it in your classic vehicle as a phone mount or as a grab-and-go camera mount for your GoPro as a great way to mix up your external moving shots. Stick to a door to capture the moving wheels or stick it to the chassis for action shots of your drive train.














RAM Base with 9mm hole and 1" ball- RAM-B-272U


Another neat little product that can be fitted into any 8mm fixing hole. Use it on your dashboard as a phone mount or fix it to the outside of your car as a camera mount. We use ours to great effect on our Series 1 as a base for our RAM X-Grip phone holder.














RAM GoPro Mount- RAP-B-202-GOP1














This 1in RAM ball mounting replaces the GoPro supplied mounting in the base of your camera to open up endless RAM mounting possibilities way beyond that of the limited GoPro supplied hardware. Use it in conjunction with a sucker base or a magnetic base to create a fleixible mount system for multiple camera shots. Whether you’re an amateur of professional GoPro user the RAM GoPro adaptor is an essential piece of kit to keep in your RAM arsenal. Pictured below with the RAM Magnetic Base.














RAM Tough Claw














The RAM Tough-Claw™ is the perfect mounting base for quick and easy installation and removal on any round, square, odd shaped rail or bar. Ideal for mounting tablets, action cameras, smartphones, rod holders and much more in a wide variety of applications. The Tough Claw is available in three different sizes to accommodate tube diameters from 15.9mm up to 57mm. Use the medium arm for the Defender Puma grab-handle or even a Series One grab-handle.














RAM Tough Track














Use the RAM Tough Track mounting system to create a clean, clever and innovative way to mount multiple devices for virtually any application. The RAM Tough-Track is available in multiple track lengths to best suit your available space. The Tough Track balls then simply drop into the track in the centre opening and slide along the track to your preferred position. To secure the base within the track you simply twist the base until tight which locks the base into position. The base is then ready to accept the standard range of RAM arms. Multiple Tough Track Balls can be used within a single length of RAM Tough Track and the bases can be quickly removed when your devices are not in use.

 RAM Tough Track













RAM Add-A-Ball- RAM-B-273U (1" Ball) or RAM-273U (1.5" Ball)














A neat way to double up the useage of any RAM arm. The Add-a-Ball replaces the standard cross-bolt in your RAM arm to provide an additional ball base attached to the arm. This means you can now attach another arm onto your existing arm thereby providing a mount for two devices off a single base. Pictured below with the RAM Puma Mount.



RAM-Garmin Adaptor- SP25MM17

RAM to Garmin Adapter by Arkon

Technically this one isn’t a RAM branded product as unbelievably, RAM don’t currently offer anything similar to connect your Garmin device to RAM products short of an expensive model specific holder. This neat US made double-ball adaptor by Arkon features a rubberised RAM 1in B sized ball and the common 17mm diameter size ‘G-Ball’ that Garmin uses on  many of its GPS devices.

RAM to Garmin Adapter by Arkon

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